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We offer the most advanced restaurant automation in the country. Our system provides an exquisite view of all the aspects a restaurant owner looks for. We have outstanding kitchen display and integration of order collection, restaurant layout configuration, ecommerce suite, recipe preparation, a sleek payroll & accounts management, integrated warehouse management and on-demand stock transfer system that directly plugs with android powered order collection & touch enabled POS.


We offer a fast and smooth logistics management system that is going to hold together your entire network of apparel business along with automating all the processes. A system where you literally define and purchase raw materials and use them to produce your goods while tracking all the expenses of production. Along with that all the steps of production is automated through our immersive work order management and supply chain automation unit. Our system manages your sales while you get a franchise of a web application where you do B2C or B2B transactions. It also comes with a robust tracking system where you can manage your resources and track the delivery routes. You also get a full audit management with approval mechanism along with a solid dashboard.


Our apparel and clothing management suite focuses on automating and speeding up your sales. The suite comes with a robust POS system integrated with  back office management. The system simulates and automates your day to day operations such as opening and closure of business hours, Barcoded label printing for your goods with price tags. Our system packs a powerful automated accounts management along with a simple and fluid payroll. And yes you configure the systems behavior according to needs.


Whether you own a super shop, megastore or a grocery, we have the perfect solution for you. It is an epitome of centralized sales and distribution management systems. Our system is fully customizable and configurable for best suiting your centralized or isolated sales business. We have a state of the art warehouse management, purchase order generation according to shelf life and sales pattern, stock forecasts and stock life monitoring. Create business entities such as floors, levels, sections, storehouses, and assign POS under them. A never before seen distribution management which is fully integrated with an intelligent accounts module which does most of accounting by itself. Our system also provides you an executive dashboard for full final accounts, sales and MIS.


Our healthcare business automation suite is ideal for medical service providers such as diagnostic centers, pharmacies, or any sort of healthcare or medical institute. The suite includes everything to automate each and every aspect of your business such as Patient Profile Management, Lab Management, Computer Aided Prescription Generation, Appointment Scheduling, Payroll, Periodic Charge Collection, Referral Ratio Calculation, Inventory, Bookkeeping etc. with a customizable reporting dashboard.


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What our customers are saying

Mirza Abdul Khaled

Chairman, Crimson Cup Bangladesh
We have worked with 3S for many projects and their Way of dealing with clients is appreciable. Recently they were working on our customized ERP system and during that period their concern for client’s requirements, idea sharing and transparency have made them A Trustworthy Software Company.

Mizanur Rahman

Operations Manager, Food Chain Asia Ltd.
We at Food Chain Asia LTD found HOSTT to be Reliable, Robust and most Importantly Diverse software which catered to our specific business needs at “MANHATAN FISH MARKET” our well established flagship restaurant and “JONNY ROCKETS” our new fast-food venture. HOSTT has made Positive Impact in our Business by making it very easy to monitor and manage the business.

Ashfaq Rahman Asif

Managing Partner, Tarka.
It’s been 3 years we are working with 3S. When we started they were fresh, had about 5 to 6 restaurants in their portfolio. When we started to look for software, all we came across were same old conventional software with limited customization. And then came 3S. They are Young, They had the drive to accept and deliver Challenges which they did brilliantly. And a very important aspect of 3S was their after service. They are easy on your pocket and prompt to troubleshooting. As a result here we are growing together and looking forward to many more.

Murshed Elahy

Head of Operations, Navana Foods LTD.
3S, A new journey to a new direction. If i talk about some real Bangladeshi young entrepreneur, Their should come in the first line. We spent a lots of money purchasing the software solution for our food and industry from abroad but 3S stopped the drainage by developing a better and dependable solution for Bangladesh. I wish their success in the coming days with new innovations and continuous support.

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In 3S customer satisfaction and innovation are our primary motivation. In LOB applications the main goal is to understand what you actually need and what problems need to be solved in the most sublime and positive manner. We aim to provide our customers long term relationships where we constantly work together to make the best use of technology in order to serve real life demands.

Md. Taufiq Hasan

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