Our Products

Restaurant & Foodshop Management

HOSTT, the name is introduction enough when it comes to restaurant automation. We have the most advanced restaurant and food shop automation ever built. Our system provides an exquisite view of all the aspects a restaurant owner looks for. We have outstanding kitchen display and integration of order collection with kitchen, restaurant layout configuration, e commerce suite, recipe preparation and what not. Comes with a sleek payroll and accounts management which is completely at your disposal to be configured according to your needs. Integrated warehouse management and on demand stock transfer system which directly plugs with our android powered order collection and touch enabled POS. You can configure each UI of HOSTT to better suite with your restaurant’s theme. Also customize billing, ticketing and in depth reporting.

Apparel & Clothings Business Management

Our apparel and clothing management suite focuses on automating and speeding up your sales. The suite comes with a robust Point Of Sales system integrated with  back office management. The system simulates and automates your day to day operations such as opening and closure of business hours, Barcoded label printing for your goods with price tags. Purchasing new goods from vendors and distribution of goods across your multiple storehouses or outlets if you have. The system can adapt to your business scale such you might be a standalone franchise dealer or you might have multiple outlets across a region. Whatever the case our system can manage both of the scenarios. Our system packs a powerful automated accounts management along with a simple and fluid payroll. And yes you configure the systems behavior according to needs.

Medical & Healthcare Business Automation

Our medical & healthcare business automation suite is ideal for medical service providers such as diagnostic centers, pharmacies, medical consultancy firms or any sort of healthcare or medical institute. The suite includes everything you need to automate each and every aspect of your business such as Patient Profile Management, Laboratory Management, Computer Aided Prescription Generation, Appointment Scheduling, Payroll, Periodic Charge Collection, Referral Ratio Calculation, Inventory, Point Of Sales, Finance & Accounts Management, Bookkeeping etc. You also get a state of the art reporting dashboard which is customizable and scalable according to your needs. Our system eliminates any and all bottlenecks inside your business and provides you with a disciplined and well oriented control over your business.

Production & Supply Management

If you are and producer, manufacturer or transporter of goods then the first thing you need is a fast and smooth logistics management system that is going to hold together your entire network of business along with automating all the business processes. A system where you literally define and purchase raw materials and use them to produce your goods while tracking all the expenses of production. Along with that all the steps of production is automated through our immersive work order management and supply chain automation unit. You will have a user definable workflow management where you will be able to create certain workflow processes targeted for specific tasks. Our system will mange your sales while you get a franchise of a web application where you do B2C or B2B transactions. A powerful desktop based solution for managing your infrastructure and defining and monitoring delivery tasks status. An android app used by your manpower to ensure deliveries to your customers. Along with it comes a robust tracking system where you can see where your manpower is what route they have taken to deliver your customers orders. You also get a full audit management with approval mechanism. And yes a solid dashboard where anything you ask is our wish.

Grocery & Household Store Automation

You own a super shop, mega store or your are a retailer of grocery or household appliances, we have the perfect solution for you. Our system is a beacon among centralized sales and distribution management systems. The capability and scalability of our system in this business sector extraordinary. Our system is fully customizable and configurable for best suiting your centralized or isolated sales business. We have a state of the art warehouse management, purchase order generation according to shelf life and sales pattern, stock forecasts and stock life monitoring. Create business entities such as floors, levels, sections, storehouses, and assign POS under them. A never before seen distribution management which is fully integrated with an intelligent accounts module which does most of accounting by itself e.g. keeping track of your contracts with vendor and scheduled payments, taking care of your customers client profiles, grading of cards, shopping points. Promotion, attendance and salary disbursement of your employees. Bookkeeping for monitoring and collecting dues. Sales exchange and refund options and pretty much everything you need. Our system also provides you an executive dashboard for full final accounts, sales and MIS.