Grocery & Household Store Automation

You own a super shop, mega store or your are a retailer of grocery or household appliances, we have the perfect solution for you. Our system is a beacon among centralized sales and distribution management systems. The capability and scalability of our system in this business sector extraordinary. Our system is fully customizable and configurable for best suiting your centralized or isolated sales business. We have a state of the art warehouse management, purchase order generation according to shelf life and sales pattern, stock forecasts and stock life monitoring. Create business entities such as floors, levels, sections, storehouses, and assign POS under them. A never before seen distribution management which is fully integrated with an intelligent accounts module which does most of accounting by itself e.g. keeping track of your contracts with vendor and scheduled payments, taking care of your customers client profiles, grading of cards, shopping points. Promotion, attendance and salary disbursement of your employees. Bookkeeping for monitoring and collecting dues. Sales exchange and refund options and pretty much everything you need. Our system also provides you an executive dashboard for full final accounts, sales and MIS.