Production & Supply Management

If you are and producer, manufacturer or transporter of goods then the first thing you need is a fast and smooth logistics management system that is going to hold together your entire network of business along with automating all the business processes. A system where you literally define and purchase raw materials and use them to produce your goods while tracking all the expenses of production. Along with that all the steps of production is automated through our immersive work order management and supply chain automation unit. You will have a user definable workflow management where you will be able to create certain workflow processes targeted for specific tasks. Our system will mange your sales while you get a franchise of a web application where you do B2C or B2B transactions. A powerful desktop based solution for managing your infrastructure and defining and monitoring delivery tasks status. An android app used by your manpower to ensure deliveries to your customers. Along with it comes a robust tracking system where you can see where your manpower is what route they have taken to deliver your customers orders. You also get a full audit management with approval mechanism. And yes a solid dashboard where anything you ask is our wish.